November 6, 2008

I was supposed to be part of a blog train collab, so if you are getting here through the train I am very sorry about not having my part posted on time. I will have my part up tomorrow (November 7th) but wanted to let everyone know the reason why it is late.
I have now joined the grandma club. Below are pictures of my first grandbaby, Isaiah Daniel. He weighs 6 pounds 10 ounces and is 20 inches long. He scored an 8 and 9 on the apgar scales after birth but a few hours later he had a turn for the worse. Samantha was a real trooper throughout the whole birthing process. She got to the hospital at about 5 am and was already dilated to an 8 so pain meds were not an option. She had a bit of strep in her tummy so they tried to give her IV antibiotics so the baby wouldn't get sick throughout the delivery. She should have had 2 of the doses but there was only time for 1. She began pushing at 5:30 am but it took until 8:02 for little Isaiah to finally arrive.
We did get to hold him for a little bit before they took him to get cleaned up and warmed up at about 1:00 in the afternoon. I left the hospital for a bit to let Monty get some rest and to take care of a few other things I had to do. At about 4:00 pm I got a call from Danny that Isaiah had an x-ray taken and that his lungs were all white. His blood count was low, his oxygen was low, and his respirations were over 100 per minute. They said that he needed to be put on oxygen and that he might also need a blood transfusion.
Basically he ended up with the infection. He is in NICU and stable for now. I will keep everyone posted as I can (I am spending alot of time at the hospital and such). For now you can enjoy the beautiful pictures of Isaiah and keep him in your prayers.

October 11, 2008

Fall Follies Freebie!

Here is a fall mini kit I did for September's collab at Digital Craft Cottage. I think it came out really pretty and I hope you do too :)

The kit includes:
5 papers
3 bows
3 buttons
3 stick pins
2 tags
1 flower
1 strand of beads

You can download my part of the kit HERE.
Go HERE to download the other parts :)

Equestrian Freebie!!!

I have gotten a bit behind on posting so I am going to add a couple today and try to finish up a few more before posting the others.

Up first is a mini kit I did for the August Collab at Digital Craft Cottage. The theme was equestrian. I really liked the way the award ribbon came out. I hope you enjoy it :)

Kit Includes:
2 papers (one not shown)
1 award ribbon
1 button ribbon topper (not shown)
1 frame
1 journal paper
1 font (upper and lower cases)

You can download my part HERE.

September 1, 2008


I joined up with some folks over at the ADSDesigners group for thier blog train. The theme was Cornucopia of colors. It was a fall type theme and this is what I came up with for my part of the freebie, ENJOY!!! :)

You can Download the papers HERE.

And the elements can be downloaded HERE.

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August 2, 2008

Another FREEBIE...

This mini-kit is part of a collaboration kit at Digital Scrap Cottage.

This kit includes:
1 paper (3600x3600)
1 glitter chipboard embellie
1 glitter chipboard alpha
1 glitter chipboard journal paper
1 glitter chipboard bracket
1 journal paper
1 glitter chipboard ribbon

You can download my part HERE.
Go HERE to get the rest of this kit.

At The Fair FREEBIE...

The theme for this month's kit at is At The Fair. I REALLY liked the colors for this kit.

This kit includes:
12 papers (2400x2400)
12 ticket stubs
9 button pins
6 brackets
5 bows
5 brads
5 ricrac
5 stick pins
1 alpha

You can download my part of the kit HERE.
You can download the rest of the mega-kit HERE.

July 7, 2008

Another Freebie :)

I have another freebie for you!
I participated in a collaboration kit over at Digital Craft Cottage and really loved the way my part turned out, so I am going to offer my part as a freebie :)

This kit includes:
4 papers (3600x3600)
3 sheer ribbons
2 brads
2 butterflies
1 frame
1 journal paper
1 tag

You can download my part HERE.

July 6, 2008

CU Freebie :)

I did one of the challenges over at and wanted to share it so I made it a freebie. You can use it in any way you see fit, just please do not claim them as your own. There is 1 crochet type flower and 1 crochet type butterfly to recolor in the zip. I hope you guys enoy it :)


May 29, 2008

Scrabble (freebie)

I made this kit because we LOVE to play games in this house. I intend on making more kits associated with board games in the future. Enjoy!!!

This kit includes:
6 papers (3600x3600)
3 wooden frames
2 wooden tile holders
1 scorepad
1 wooden pencil
1 wooden alpha

You can download the scrabble scrap freebie HERE.

May 26, 2008

Honoring Our Parents (freebie)

This is my part of the Honoring Our Parents MegaKit from ScrapKitChallenge. I must warn you the elements in this kit are HUGE. I really liked the leather look of the frames and labels.

This kit includes:
10 papers (2400x2400)
5 buttons
4 ribbons
3 leather frames
3 journal papers
3 leather plaques
2 ribbon sliders
2 tags
1 set of corners
1 brad
1 paper clip
1 prong

You can download my part of this kit HERE.

Newborn Wonder (freebie)

The next kit that I participated in was the Newborn Wonder challenge. There was so muc more I wanted to do with this kit, but time was not my friend :) I hope you enjoy it.

Included in this kit are:
22 papers (2400x2400)
5 ribbons
4 safety pins
2 frames
1 alpha

You can dowload the kit HERE.

Mother Earth Tagger's Kit (freebie)

The folks over at had another collaboration kit. This was my part to the kit. It is tagger size.

Included in this kit are:
12 papers (800x800)
4 buttons
3 frames
3 bows
3 ribbons
2 borders
2 brads
2 journal papers
2 overlays
2 paper clips
2 tags

Download HERE

My First Scrap Kit (freebie)

This was my first scrap kit. It was part of a collaboration kit for I just LOVE holidays and wanted to share something for Halloween. I really enjoyed the experience and hope there are many more to come :)

Included in this kit are:
12 papers (2400x2400)
6 buttons
6 paperclips
6 stapled paper ribbons
5 frames
4 paper ricrac
4 shaped tags
1 word art
1 decorative pumpkin

Download HERE.

May 25, 2008


Welcome to my blog!!!

I will be sharing a little part of me with all of you. I will TRY not to babble too much, but remember I am opinionated and very emotional at times which means that you may have to suffer through it anyway. I look forward to sharing with all of you and hopefully will make some new friends along the way.

Thanks for stopping by and check back often :)